Hello consumer expensive

It is very easy to place orders through our website. Below is a short guide "step by step" for you to perform your requests.
The first step would you make your registration. Registration can be done at the address below:

If you have already registered, skip this step.

Now you must navigate the store (through the menu "Products" located on the left side of the page) and select the item by clicking on the photo of the product. You will be directed to another page where you can enter your zip code and choose mode FREIGHT. If you want to still keep buying, you can click "PRODUCTS" again and choose new items will be added to your '' SHOPPING BASKET ''. After making the choice of all the items you wish to purchase, they will be in their "SHOPPING BASKET".
↳ In "SHOPPING BASKET", you can check all the items you purchased and if you want, you can change the amount of each item or delete items you no longer want. Still in the "SHOPPING BASKET", you must define the type of delivery you want. Where it says "ENTER HERE FOR CALCULATING CEP FREIGHT" enter your zip code and click "CALCULATE FREIGHT" for which the freight available for your zip code, as well as the value and the delivery time. Click on the freight that suits you. The system will load the page, including the freight in your "SHOPPING BASKET".
↳ After loading the page again, still in the shopping basket, go to the bottom of the page and click "BUY END".
If you are not logged in, the system will ask you to provide your email and password. In this case provide your email and password (both defined in your registration) and click Login.
↳ If the login is correct, you will be directed (a) to the page where you must provide your shipping address. The system will ask you if you want the delivery address is the same address contained in your registration. If this is your wish, just click "OK" the system will complete the fields alone with the data of your registration. At the end of the page click on "CONTINUE".
↳ Now you must choose the form of payment. As we have various forms of payment, you can meet them before placing your order.
Follow the guidance of the chosen method of payment. If your payment option for credit card, you must go through a few screens before completion of your order (some of the own credit card company), but just follow the steps, as all pages contain detailed explanations of how to complete the application.

Good shopping !